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A Big Picture School
1980 Lafayette Ave. 
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Bronx, New York    10473
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You will learn math, science, English and social studies through projects.  These challenging projects take a real-world approach to learning: for science you may grow food for after school meals, for math you may build models of housing, for history you may research educational issues and testify before the Senate in Albany and for English you may run a bookstore.  These projects will be based in your interests, but still meet New York State Learning Standards.  They are often interdisciplinary and will require that you use your English skills during a math project or your math skills in history.  We expect you to use all the tools available when it is appropriate.

This is the heart of your educational experience.  As soon as school starts, we will help you find an internship (working with adults in the professional field) in areas of interest to you.  You will create a project done (ideally) at your job site that will earn you academic credit (it's important to note that we are NOT a vocational program).  You will go to work 2 to 3 days a week (on average).  The remaining days you will come to school and work on your interesest-based projects as well as work on your internship project.

You will often go to out-of-school field sites doing work directly connected to your academic plans and projects.  Your participation is mandatory and you will be expected to wear appropriate clothes and follow the dress code of the site we are visiting.

Demonstrations of Learning
Several times throughout the year and during classes you will be expected to make public presentations of your learning.  Your will make these presentations before fellow students, family members, teachers and experts in the field. 

School Culture
We go by our first names, meet daily in small groups known as crew and follow guiding principles for behavior rather than a lengthy set of rules.  Although this is an adjustment for many families we find that it supports attention to learning while building strong and caring relationships with the adults.  We also focus on character and community and value the attitude that “we are crew not passengers” as much as we value academics.

Outdoor Experiences
All new students are required to participate in one multi-day
wilderness experience.  Staff and students will camp (and possibly climb or canoe) for three or more days and nights.  We use this time to begin our development of a strong community.

Other features
As a new school developing a vision in partnership with the Big Picture Company, we cannot possibly list all the unique characteristics of the school.  We expect families and students to embrace changes and give their full participation as we start a new school together.

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