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Have you always wanted to give back to the community but weren't sure how?

 Do you enjoy working with young people?

Are you excited about your profession and the work that you do?

Are you patient and willing to share your expertise?


If you answered "yes" to these questions, you should
 mentor a Bronx Guild Student




Learning Through Internship (LTI) is the center of the Bronx Guild curriculum.  We have been sending high school students out on Internships at businesses and organizations across the city since opening our doors.  At the worksites, students take on real-world tasks and projects under the supervision of a mentor -- a professional who chooses to share his/her passion, excitement and expertise with a high school student.  Back at school, the students work with their crew leaders building and reinforcing the skills and knowledge needed to complete those projects.  We have found our program to be very successful, placing students in over 100 Internship sites since opening our doors in 2002.


Details of the Learning Experience

We have a very flexible curriculum that responds directly to the work the student is doing at his/her Internship site. Our crew leaders are trained to identify learning opportunities and support those opportunities both at the Internship and back at school.  Therefore, the content of what the student will learn is often not identified until after the placement has occurred


“Being a mentor has gotten me excited about youth. The excitement of my intern is contagious.  He brings something to my office that would never happen if he wasn’t there.  This is a great experience

--Scott Jankes – Jantex Marketing


Click here to send an email to our Internship Coordinator. 

Find out how you can make a difference in a young person's life, today!


Aspects of the LTI Program

Before starting an Internship, students do a good deal of Interest Exploration.  This exploration begins with a reflection on their strengths and weaknesses, their goals and who they are as well as group exposure activities.  Students also explore various out-of-school sites based on their interests.  Students then identify several interests to research by reading periodicals, books and doing internet searches. 


After the student has a background in an area, they start taking part in Informational Interviews with professionals in their chosen field.  Through these interviews, students strive to get a deeper understanding of the profession they have chosen, the road to that profession and the nuances of the daily work environment.


After interviewing at several worksites, the students identify a few of the sites where they might like to spend a day shadowing a professional to learn more about the daily flow of the job. It is also an opportunity for potential mentors and interns to meet and get to know each other.


A successful Shadow Day may lead to an LTI.  When a student is interested in a mentor and workplace, s/he asks her crew leader to help set up an Internship.  Together, the crew leader, the student and the potential mentor decide the days, hours and parameters for the LTI.


Once the Internship is underway and the student has journaled about daily activities (usually after two weeks or so) the crew leader, student and mentor meet to design an LTI Project.  This project is done at the Internship site and/or back at school and is the vehicle for the student receiving the bulk of her academic credit.


Being a mentor has really given me another perspective on my work.  I found the greatest value, though, was from the human relationship.  Helping a student learn my profession and become excited about the day-to-day job I do is in itself inspiring.  I watched her grow and I grew right along with her.

Dean Deida – Bronx Democratic Committee


Click here to send an email to our Internship Coordinator. 

Find out how you can make a difference in a young person's life, today!


Benefits for Students

  • Build a relationship with an adult mentor

  • Learn the professional attitude and experience that are necessary in today’s workplace

  • Learn skills such as organization, punctuality and time management

  • Become engaged in his/her work and take ownership of his/her learning

  • Understand the importance of education and develop long-term goals

Benefits for Mentors

  • Have a fresh set of eyes look at your work and see new answers to old problems

  • Catch the enthusiasm of a teenager who is excited about your work

  • Have an extra set of hands to tackle the daily tasks at your organization

  • Become a part of a city-wide network of professionals who mentor students

  • Enjoy the personal reward of encouraging teenagers who share your professional goals


Internship Schedule

The students are at their Internships two or three days a week for 12–18 hours a week (usually from 9AM to 3PM on work days).  The Internships are usually set up in 3 month renewable increments


STUDENT Responsibilities

  • Contribute real work to the Internship site

  • Take on a special project for the
    Internship site

  • Research a guiding question connected to their work or project

  • Meet regularly with the mentor to report on progress and receive feedback

  • Reflect on work and learning in a journal

  • Call mentor and the Bronx Guild if s/he is going to be absent or late

MENTOR Responsibilities

  • Call the Bronx Guild if the student is absent

  • Schedule regular times to meet with the student to give him/her feedback

  • Meet once a month with a crew leader from the Bronx Guild to discuss the student’s work; email or call more frequently as needed or desired

  • Try to attend the student’s final presentation of his/her work (a presentation of learning)




Companies and organizations can participate in all levels of the LTI program, and there are many other ways for employers to get involved as well.  Other LTI programs include:  In-School Professional Seminars for Students, After-school Programs for Credit and Interest Expeditions.  Contact us for more info.


"My intern is awesome.  His hard work and dedication sets a great example for youth everywhere."

-- Iliea Burgos -- Youth on the Move

Click here to send an email to our Internship Coordinator. 

Find out how you can make a difference in a young person's life, today!



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