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A Big Picture School
1980 Lafayette Ave. 
Suite 409C
Bronx, New York    10473
(718) 597-1587





We are a community of learners where everyone is engaged in meaningful work.  Our unique approach to capturing the energy and interests of young people through apprenticeship in the adult world promotes learning through productive action. Our attention to a culture of community, quality and caring ensures the safe environment necessary for growth to take place.

The development of Individualized Learning Plans for each student ensures that we are meeting the needs of all learners, that the curriculum is designed around how people learn, and that a student’s engagement is based on his or her passion.

Graduates of our program have been engaged in a motivating secondary-school learning experience and meet high academic expectations relative to the New York City and State performance standards.  Throughout this process they develop an entrepreneurial spirit with regards to their own academic, vocational and civic future.  Our graduates are independent, goal-oriented learners who understand the importance of character and community as they pursue their own missions in life.  With extensive experiences with real work, financial literacy, civic participation, community service, personal achievement and academic excellence our graduates leave with a self-designed mission and two-year plan for their immediate future.


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